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More Small Donations Are Needed in 2013

CAGI Site Maintenance Expenses are Increasing, albeit in very small increments and for very good reasons.

A total of just $48/month in your small donations lets me "break even" with respect to my small monthly fixed-income and my much smaller budget for my web site development efforts that for the last three years has come entirely from this small fixed-income. Please donate $1 to $5 or more whenever you are able.

I believe the better development of this CAGI site is required for a variety of reasons, some listed here, others listed elsewhere on this site.  Foremost I believe a "better CAGI site" can better serve the GPCA IT working group in the immediate future.  The new IT Working Group is forming, is getting larger in numbers, and is getting better coordinated to begin needed improvements to all the GPCA web sites.

Accomplishments so far: (1) For the last three years the CAGI site has collected and presented, hopefully in appropriate useful categories and sub-categories, a lot of news about the unproductive "real progressives" vs. "the radical-right GOP" and vs. the "too compliant Dems" and their ineffective, allegedly "progressive Dem poseurs." That fruitless struggle of the two "Duopoly" Majority Parties has left much more of the country, a larger percentage of the 98%, becoming poorer, likely to remain poor for a decade or more, and the public more disillusioned about politics.  Their fruitless struggles, more for show and less to make meaningful progress, has created more homeless and less quality health care for more people all of whom are more poorly served. (2) The CAGI site has provided some, I hope useful, "ideas" and suggested strategies, tactics, particular slogans for lay-persons to consider using "in the field," all of which other site users could be expanding by submitting their ideas and remarks. (3) The site provides both lay-persons (non-technical people) and computer-technical people some advice and tips for current and future GPCA web site development at state, county and local party levels.  I, JGW, hope this site will provide more of that technical material in coming months and years. (4) More importantly for Q1 2013, but also for 2013-2016, the site can provide some better, more useful, and more often used online communications tools than "just email" and "just monthly teleconferences."

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