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Overview of Reframing, The Little Blue Book, and Green Party Ineffectiveness

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Draft 5; Draft 1 begun 12.09.23

At the target of the following bold-link is the complete Introduction chapter to "The Little Blue Book: The Essential Guide to Thinking and Talking [Progressively] Democratic." The book is about how conservatives frame political issues, how the Democrat (i.e. liberals' and progressives') adoption of the conservative language also adopts those conservative frames and that act becomes self-defeating to us. The book also explains in great detail how progressives can re-frame those political issues to our advantage, eliminating the self-defeating qualities of our speech.

PLEASE enjoy reading the Introduction to the book that begins on the next page of this article. It is an orientation to the notion of framing, which the remainder of the book explains in much more non-technical detail. Before the end of October, 2012, I hope to web publish on this site a very short summary of the book, the "gist" of the "The Little Blue Book," but one also with most of the book's re-framed, very positive, progressive talking points and phrases.

PLEASE also enjoy reading the entire book soon! It's really cheap to buy. You will understand some things about framing and re-framing from "The Green Gist to 'The Little Blue Book'," a roughly 17-20 page excerpt of the "The Little Blue Book" that now exists on this web site.

Authors Lakoff and Wehling provide an easy read of a complex topic that explains why the GOP have confused and misled so many for so long. They also provide short lists of re-framed remarks that put progressive values in a very positive and more compelling "light."

I provide it here because we progressives in the Green Party USA and California can imagine ourselves doing so much better with this re-framing activity than have the Democrats in the last 20 years.