Should the Green Party have web sites with some standard or common content on each site in addition to a list of "The Ten Key Values?"

The List of All US GP State Party Web Sites

California and U.S. Greens, on Monday 11.12.19 on this (CAGI) web site I created a list of what I am 90% sure are all the official state Green Party web sites. It took 6-8 hours of web searching for "Green Party of [a-US-state-name]", picking the obvious official site IF THERE WAS ONE, and creating a "link" on this web site.

You will see the "50 states" list is a "mixed bag" of GP web sites; most are "good" to "very good." (Most are powered by a well known, supported free open source content management system or CMS.)

The GPUS ( site maintainer could just copy and paste my list into a new web page; all the links should still be there; the site maintainer knows what to do next to make it "work" on That copy-paste technique has worked ok on my laptop (which I connect to my web site above). Any other state web site web master/maestra could do the same for their state's web site.

Anyway, "enjoy" and if you have any feedback, any constructive remarks or suggestions for the improvement of "my" (CAGI's) list of state web sites, email me (there's a link in the footer of every web page) or put something in one of the Forum categories that seems appropriate. Thanks.