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As of the date of creation of this article category, 11.10.02, Project Planning and Management (PP&M) articles in this category will be (1) a wish list of articles (perhaps discussed in a Forum category), (2) outline articles about project planning or management (to be elaborated upon by others' logging in and editing them). The initial goal is to present increasing good summary information about PP&M that GPCA members without PP&M experience are most willing to adopt.

See also the paperback and digital book references in the new Project Planning and Management web links category.

A Brief and Detailed Table of Contents for the book: "Project Management for Dummies" 2010

Source: ('s TOC and book content browsing service for) Project Management for Dummies (For Dummies (Business & Personal Finance)) by Stanley E. Portny, May 3, 2010, Wiley Publishing.

Below I offer both a brief table of contents (TOC), annotated in places, and a detailed TOC with more frequent annotations. I derived both TOCs from the web pages for this book, which content is in the public domain and therefore has no copyright limitations. My project management (PM) annotations are in square brackets: [...].

Free Reading of the Book: You can visit the Amazon web pages for this book (i.e. use the link above).